How do we book and make a payment?

All of our bookings are contracted as standard. We would require your full home address details, contact number and email address to start the process. A minimum booking fee is required for every occasion as a financial commitment from you. All booking fees are paid to the business account by cheque or online banking. Upon completion of both the contract and booking fee, you are provided with a full detailed confirmation and your booking is secured.

Do you have insurance?

We have £10 million GBP public liability insurance.  With more and more ‘no win, no fee’ legal companies around, it is really important to check that your DJ and Disco has public liability insurance.  This provides insurance cover should a guest of yours be injured from our shows. To date we have a 100% safety record! Most of the Dj team also has basic first aid training so in an emergency we would step in to help if required.

Are you available? How soon should we book?

We are always contracting our bookings in excess of 15 months to the booking date, so the sooner the better really. Most of our premium systems are in high demand along with certain extras like LOVE letters and illuminating floors. The summer months are particularly busy with most of the Dj team fully secured for the months of May – August at least 11 months prior to reaching them.

I’ve been quoted a cheaper price,can you match it?

We understand that there are other discos that will quote you a lower price than ours. All our fees are tailored to your event. We do have a few set fees but these generally cover weddings and corporate events. Our prices represent very good value for money. Does the other disco carry public liability insurance? Does the other disco have pat tested equipment? Does the disco set-up consist of true high quality sound and lighting? Does the disco have a good reliability record? Does the Dj have experience? Has the disco provide a contracted booking? Strobe Disco Roadshow can say YES to all of the questions!

We don’t like some of the Dj set-ups, are they all the same?

All of our Djs have the same style main console being a booth concept with the option of a Black, White or hessian front. This is quite standard to the main shows unless you require one of our retro 80’s themed Dj sets. The rest of the show can be designed to match your needs. So if your looking for a minimal style lighting show or a more extravagant lighting show, we can create the look you require.

We don’t need a Dj, but would like some equipment, is this possible?

Yes! We understand that not every function will require a Dj but you may need some technical assistance. We can provide PA systems, lighting and effects installed and operated by a member of the team or on a simple DIY package.

Before The Night

Is your equipment safe?

All of our equipment is tested annually and certified for electrical safety. The majority of venues we perform at now require our testing certificates before we even plug a single item into the wall. These forms can be provided direct to the venue by us prior to the booking date.

Are you able to supply background music?

Depending on the service you require from us, this is something we can certainly provide. Its always best to specify this requirement prior to quotation.

Are you the Dj for the function?

We are made up of a team of five professional and well experienced Dj’s with a consistent style of modern high end sound & lighting. Our Dj’s range in age from late twenties to early fifties but most importantly deliver a service which has to be to my standard and high requirements. The business is built on my reputation so quality is paramount!

I've booked a band , can you work with them?

We have no problem working with any type of act that is booked to appear on the same event as us, more often than not we end sharing each other’s equipment to save on space, for example the band may use my lighting and I will plug into their speakers or vice versa.  We have worked with many bands in the past and have had no problems at all. We also ensure that we do not play any songs that the band plans to perform that night. Its about working together to deliver the best service as a team.

On The Night

Can we choose our own music?

As far as a first dance for a wedding goes, this is a song that means something very special to you, so we ask only you to specify this. It’s really good if you have two dances to start the evening off with, I’ll let you into a secret as far as this technique is concerned, obviously the first dance is traditionally the bride and groom’s dance, the second dance, presents the opportunity to invite all of your guests to join you for the 2nd dance, then the general idea is that the guests then stay on the dance floor as we kick of the evening function.

Song requests are not just limited to wedding receptions, every function we do we will allow you to compile a list of songs that you would like us to play at your function. Remember its your event and you’re the customer.

What will you wear?

We will usually turn up to your function wearing casual clothing with the company logo on to set up the shows. During the summer months, we will wear shorts as you can get pretty hot carrying heavy equipment into venues. Once our show is set-up and in place, we will change into attire that is suitable for your occasion. We have a full black tie outfit available if requested, or black shirts with our company logo embroidered on the front. Black trousers and shoes are standard for all occasions. You won’t have a Dj in trainer’s jeans and t-shirt!

Will you let us down?

Every booking we agree to perform is contracted fully with both parties to ensure the booking is 100% secured. We will always provide our services for you providing you adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract.  If in extreme circumstances of emergency where a Dj cannot perform, we will source a Dj and deliver the service to our best ability covering any additional costs incurred. This has never been required to date but it’s a promise we make to you to ensure your event continues.

Will the disco be loud and ear piercing?

Generally, any disco will be loud, however, if at any point during the event, you feel that it is too loud or guests have complained, we won’t be offended if during the night, you ask us to turn it down, neither will we turn it back up again five minutes after you ask either! We only use high quality RCF sound equipment with professional speaker drivers. You should only experience the piercing sound disco’s that use cheaper speakers using piezo tweeters/budget high frequency drivers.

Is the lighting all flashing and ‘strobe’ like your company name?

The name of my company ‘Strobe’ originated from originally being called ‘Roberts’ Disco. This does not mean that we use strobes on every show, in fact its very rare we actually use the traditional strobe light. All of our lighting shows have some ‘flashy’ effects but as they are controlled shows, we can adjust them to simple colour changes, slow sweeps and patterns should you have any guests with epilepsy or simply don’t like the flashing effects. All of our shows are tailored to what you require, so please do not hesitate to mention your requirements when asking for a quotation.


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