Free-standing Letters Hire

Free-Standing Letters Hire

Mainly used for weddings, these letters are highly popular for weddings that really want to show BIG love to their guests and stand out from the rest!


We have two variety’s available to our clients, the traditional white set for or the more rustic look. Both sets stand 4ft tall and are powered by mains electric but dropped down to a safer low voltage level.


Our white letters use HEX led lighting technology so that they can be set to a choice of colours for your wedding theme during the day and at night they can be part of your entertainment with colour change patterns, fades or simple one static colour.


Our rustic letters use soft warm white lights encased in a starburst shell to provide a beautiful effect inside the letters. These lights are only in one colour but offer a beautiful warm glow, perfect for barn style weddings!


Both of our letter sets use low voltage power for safety, we don’t use mains voltage 240V lamps which can get very hot and burn little one’s hands. Our lights don’t have glass lamps which can smash. The lights are also splash proof, so if a drink is accidentally spilt, you won’t get a shocking surprise! Our LOVE letters wont flood the venue with bright light, the maximum output from our letters is the equivalent to two 60W light bulbs!


A brilliant extra especially for wedding. Please use the contact us page should you require any further information on this product!

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